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Helping you secure a lab and a home for your team

You got the funding

Now lets set you up with the infrastructure that you need to deliver

Delivered by scientists for scientists


researching the location


procuring instruments

negotiating lease terms


install and move in


designing the space

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building management

How can we help you?

Tell us more about your lab needs here

About WilbeLAB

Scientists are solving some of the most fundamental challenges of this century and at WilbeLAB we are on a mission to ensure that science-based ventures can secure the right space when they need it.

The real estate sector is catching up on the needs of this generation of  industrialists and in this transition stakeholders often get lost in translation. 

WilbeLAB is a scientist-led real estate advisory and operator dedicated to supporting science-based ventures in finding a home for their team and work.

We started by securing spaces for our portfolio ventures fresh out of fundraising and in the process we developed a model for setting up beautiful and functional labs. This is fast becoming a playbook for all stakeholders around us, including landlords and instruments suppliers.

We are now sharing our know-how with all science-based ventures who want to lead and move into space that can inspire the ecosystem at large.

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